22 December 2012

After Street Arena, OX attended another expo before x-mass, again in Prague. Holešovice Fashion Market 2012. I was also part of it, explaining to visitors what freeskiing is about and what are freestyle skis good for.

HFM 2012 was little bit different. It was not aimed on sport equipment, but more on fashion and design. During 7.-8.12. the place was full of creative people, who was selling there their products, clothes, colorful jewellery, beanies, woolen owls... and skis :).


I enjoyed it all a lot. People were interested in extraordinary OX skis with fresh design. A lot of them saw twintip skis before on the slopes, but had no opportunity to know something more about it. So me and Ondrej was answering a lot of questions. Why twintip, what it is good for? What is inside the ski? Are the skis good for kiting? Can I ride slopes with this skis? ...
With this year collection, OX has pretty nice portfolio of skis. For instance Lobotomy (good for slopes), Maniac Scream (ideal for jibbing), Dem'to'palby (awesome for huge kickers).

You are not sure which skis are best for you? OX offers you a help. Write an email (oxskis@oxskis.com) or contact Ox via facebook. We will give you some advances and answer your questions.

Leaflet with description of the skis

 Dem'to'palby! More: http://www.oxskis.com/katalog/24-lyze/900-demtopalby

OXskis.com has also some bindings

Skadi and Gravity

Detail of Gravity. More: http://www.oxskis.com/katalog/24-lyze/901-gravity
Velocity. More: http://www.oxskis.com/katalog/24-lyze/903-velocity


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