18 July 2014
Pictures from May 2014 of people who love to fly. 

My lovely mum posing. Peter on parachute behind.
Early in the morning there are perfect conditions for paragliding with an engine. Why? Thermodynamics. The air is not so warm from the sun, so they can fly more easier.

Even I was grumpy in the morning, because normally I don't wake up at 5am, the small adventure was wort it. I didn't fly, just watched, but I enjoyed ir a lot anyway.
Group of friends met on the top of the hill next to Rohačka, popular paraglide hill close to Liptovský Mikuláš. One by one as they came they changed into the warm clothes and started unpacking their parachutes, building up the engines and preparing for the flight.

,,Are you ready?''
Concentrating before start.
Aleš Hrebík cruising around.
Aleš Hrebík just flying around...
Can you find all 4 of them? :)
After all of them were in the air, they went for a ,,walk'' - to Chopok and back. Some of the were just on time before the fuel went out totally.
All of them landed safely and we could get back to normal life :) ...

Who is the boss on the picture?
Lets go to Kriváň!

Detail of the engine.
Happy smile of happy person.

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