01 December 2012
With upcoming winter season every freeskier wants to train as much as possible. There is several ways how to do that.

The best possibility, of course, is to visit some glaciers. Hintertux, Dachstein, Stubai or other austrian resorts are already opened and offers you high quality snowparks for a good training.
The second possibility is to have your own jib in a backyard. Not everybody has the opportunity as Andreas Hatveit (check video here), but for example my teamrider Šimba has really nice setups  (video of Šimbas backyard).
The third possibility to visit some street jibbing contest or a jam.
With my friends.

Kika made fun from my t-shirt! :)

In Czech, jibbing on a real snow have started with Best Trick Jam Session in Karolínka and since october 2012 there were another two events in Prague.
Unfortunatelly I couldn't attented the first one, Big Shock Freestyle Weekend Praha 2012, where the jibbing was part of expo Apres Ski. It was organised for the second year and the progression of entire snowpark was really good.
The second event I am about to mention was part of expo Street Arena in Holešovice.

Ondrej Nosek on a street rail.

A lot of riders, mostly snowboarders, attended the jibbing jam and later the best trick contest. It happened on three obstacles - street rail, 6 m funbox and bended rail.
I was riding all three of them. I took it easy, it was really the first time I tried to jib on the snow after my knee injury, but it was pretty much fun. Goood music was playing and also my boyfriend Steven, my brother Richie and some friends of mine was riding.

Unfortunatelly I have only this picture of mine riding the box :).

My skis pimped by new stickeeer :).

Steven is happy to ride!

As I mention, jibbing was part of expo Street Arena. This was the first year this event was made. I went there to represent OX. With Tomáš Murgáč and his brother Matúš representing Progress Zone we shared a tent. 

Me with David from OX and Murgi with Matúš from Progress Zone. 

OX was also there to introduce a new collection for winter season 2012/2013. For more information check the OXblog (in Czech language). 

I also made some pictures from entire weekend, you can find it in facebook album.


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