10 March 2013

One of my goals this season was to visit Laax in Swiss. One of the best resorts in the world with awesome park, a lot of kickers and nice people. Me and Steven went there in the beginning of March.
OX team chillin - me, Šimba, Horác.

Because it was Friday with busy traffic, the traveling took us approximately 7 hours. After our arrival Richie showed us his work, Arena Flims. Interesting hotel which has rooms designed in style of some famous brands, such as Roxy, Nikita, Dakine, Eleven, Nitro, Vans...
One room in Arena Flims

Than we went by shuttle bus to Richie´s apartment. The LAAX winter resort in the Grisons is made up of the villages of Flims, Laax and Falera. There is a direct link to the ski area from all three locations. Laax has four snowparks and Europe's half pipe (from Richie lives in Laax, 10 minutes away from a lift which goes straight to the park.

Medium and begginer line.

Next morning we took a shuttle, the cable cabin and chair lift to get to the park. The weather was awesome, without wind and any clouds, only bluebird, sun and perfect park.
Pro line starts with 2 obstacles with a stairs, 3 huge kickers followed by two obstacles and part of halfpipe. Next to it was some waves and next to the waves were 3 platforms with 3middle line kickers and 3 beginners kickers. It was also followed by rails – speed box or speed rail, wide box or tube and rainbow or kinked box.

Even we were riding Saturday and Sunday, the park was not full of riders at all. We never waited for a lift more than couple of seconds :). Monday was for us the last day of riding. In the morning the park was more full because that week was organised Dutch championship in snowboarding and freeskiing. During the night the shapers built three more kickers, little bit smaller on the pro line. That day I met Swiss girl Vera Ritler and Dutch girl Isabelle Hannsen. It was really cool to shred with them!


I was riding kicker park only, but Steven also went to Curnius snowpark, long piste with so many obstacles.

After this awesome 3 days we had to go back home. Lukin drove us to St. Gallen for a bus. Hopefully we will manage to go to Laax soon again! 
Having fun on the rail.

Sw 360°.

360° hook grab.

Richie one foot.


Happy Richie.

Šimba in the air.

Slope, rails, park... i love this skis!!

Proline with awesome view.


for great support!




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