14 April 2013

Fog during finals.

After Eastern holidays in Jasna, me and Steven went back to Prague. One day later we joined my dad on the way to Laax.

I tried to attempt the Swiss Freeski Open finals which took place in Laax during our visit.It should be the first bigger competition I wanted to compete in. It was organized during two days, at Saturday was the qualification and at Sunday finals. In girls category, there were only 8 registered, so we skipped quali and had only the training at Saturday.

SFO ...source: fb
The snowpark for the contest consisted of a rail set (street rail and speed box with a stairs), 3 kickers, two platforms with obstacles and wall-ride at the end. The first kicker was same for all categories, on the second and the third one we could choose between bigger and smaller kicker.
The quail for rookies and men went well. Unfortunately, at Sunday we had such a fogy weather. In some moments we were almost not able to see the first kicker. Although all riders were hoping for a better conditions and organizers change time of the start at 1pm, the fog didn't disappear. The event was cancelled.
All the girls were really good riders. We were not able to compete but we had fun riding together. I really hope to see them soon again!

I was supposed to go back home after SFO. Luckily, I managed it to stay till Wednesday. I was shredding with my bro Richie and team-rider Horac, who both tried to teach me some tricks. Thanks a lot, guys!
The weather was not better and I became to be quite tired. At Wednesday slowly starts the Spring Session, for which shapers rebuilt Ins Plane park. Quite difficult to ride but also interesting and playful. And that was the last day for me in Laax.
Later that evening I step in the bus and went back to Prague. How a lot of people would say - back to reality … :) 

For more pic from Laax check my fb album by clicking here.

SFO, the start ...source: fb

SFO riders meeting at Saturday

SFO and the pro-line during Saturday

Freeski chicks!

Shreding some rails.

SFO, waiting for a better weather.

SFO party.

Kushi-rabbit, haha.

Horac in funny old-school suit.

Uknown freeskier.

Liza Zimmerman training.


Some railing again.


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