01 October 2013
In the begining of summer 2013 really cool event was announced. After one year break, invited freeskier from 6 European countries (CZ, SK, SLO, SWE, AT, D) would meet to compete on a 15 me high waterjump in Hulín 31st of August ... KromWars Episode II. was here!

Stylish Horác. 
Jirka Volák, as the main boss and organizer, made an amazing job again. This year, the event took place in Hulín, city close to Kroměříž (where the event was made for the first time), again in the outdoor swimming pool.
Judges, Czech team riders Fanda Jetmar and Šimon Bartík together with Andy Matthew had a difficult job to choose 8 riders who will make it to the finals. After the decision was made, the list was: 8th Patrik Kříž, 7th Thomas Trifonitchev, 6th Michal Peč, 5th Ondra Beneš, 4th Martin Horák, 3nd Christian Jenny, 2nd Robin Holub, 1st Dan Hanka.
Except freeskiers on the waterjump, we could see lot of interesting sport exhibitions during entire day. For instance crew on the wakeboard, team of athlets on the trampoline or three people doing crossfit.

One above: Robhol in the air and Robhol with Katka.
Unknown rider.


Back to the contest. In the finals, doubles were kinda crucial. The most common one was dub cork 12 mute. Another tricsk were cork 12 tail or right side cork 9 tail. To make it short, guys did pretty good job and I am happy I was not a judge. The systém for finals was easy. Everybody had two runs, the worst one said good bye to the finals. Last three riders, Holub, Horác, Hanka had three runs to show their best. And the results were: 3nd Robin Holub, 2nd Daniel Hanka, 1st Martin Horák. Huge thumbs up for the tricks, as Johny said: Styl still matters!

After the ceremony in the end, everybody quite quickly moved to the afterparty, which was legendary once again. The best thing was, the party tents were next to the swimming pool.

I really hope the next year KromWars will be organised again!

Me with my teamrider and judge Simba.
Difficult job of judging riders.
Winner, also my team rider, Horác.

Here is a GREAT video from Martin Kaňůrek:

KROM WARS epizoda II. from Martin Kaňůrek on Vimeo.


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