reFRESH jam 2015

11 October 2015

What do you expect when you are going to jib event in the city? As a rider I guess it is set up of a high quality, friendly organizers, with small piece of luck some reward as well. As a visitor it is proper show, fine music and good atmosphere.
All of this and even little bit more were included in freeski & snowboard event reFRESH jam at Veselí nad Moravou. What was going on?

Richie getting ready for 27 out.
We are sponsored by IKEA :D 

It was the third anniversary for the event this year. It took place at the same square as before, but this time the set up was moved back to the sunset, so the snow could last longer.
Two obstacles, 7 m long rail and bended box was built on the wide scaffold construction. Except this 'monster' there was a small ramp built as well. This one was aimed for kids to slide on the piece of snow and indeed it was quite popular, kids were standing in the lines for it!

Kids having fun sliding on the snow.

The first training had started after the snow was casted on the ramp, where small excavator was helping too. The first tricks, falls, guys were getting used to to the set up ... the training fluently moved into the one hour long jam, where 33 riders were fighting for 10 tickets into the finals. However, that applied for snowboarders only. Freeskiers at the number of three were in the finals automatically as well as 2 snowboard girls.

Think about your trick and go!

Tomáš Císař.


Richie bs 27 out.


For those who had the feeling the snow attractions are not enough , there was a possibility to try mini sk8 u-ramp, two slack lines, longboards or check shows from crew. Strengthening was on and no doubt one small kid embarrassed a lot of people :). Check it on the video!

This is kurva workout life! :)
Nečum a táhni makat nebo jdi rovnou na záchod kakat! ;-)
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The audience also did the Mexican wave and, thanks to speaker Jirka, for couple of times! People was enjoying the event and didn't hesitate to cheer for their favourite riders. The atmosphere was simply awesome. Before finals there was also cash-for-tricks competition, where 3000,-CZK were given away. Speaker's innocent comment, who like the trick can support the rider with money from his own pocket encouraged some people to really do that. Thanks! :)


Mexican wave.

Finals started right after the parkour show from crew. In the end, there were 9 snowboarders (one broke his board), 3 freeskiers and 2 snowboard girls. The level of riding was high, the riders were pushing each other. Different difficult tricks were landed such a rotations on both sides, from freeskiers switch ups from and also front flip!


The results are following:
1. place freeski - Richie Jurečka
1. place snowboard - Jakub Šimůnek
1. place snowboard girls - Jenny Králiková

Results on the way

reFRESH jam 2015!

A short interview with the main organizer of the event Adam Procházka will show you the event also from a different perspective:

Hi Adam, what was the impulse for you to organize the third year of reFRESH jam?
Absence of the previous year :). Last year we were organizing one more event and we couldn't manage to do the reFRESH jam as well. But for this year we made it up! Snowboarding is in the heart of a lot of local guys and we also wanted to brisk the city up a bit.

How the city like the event actually?
Financially it is still on my shoulders sort of, but we get along with the city, they support us. The cooperation is divided on the cooperation with the 'Kulturní centrum' (Centre of culture) and the city itself. The city help us financially and Kulturní centrum as well but moreover they are lending us a hand too. Thanks to the young blood in head of Kulturní centrum the cooperation is great and we are really thankful for that.

The event from the top os scaffold construction.

How many people were organizing this year's reFRESH jam? Were you divided into the groups or something?
It is a punk a little bit :). Everything goes through me somehow and than it is distributed further. There is 5 people including me in the organization and than of course other people the event wouldn't be possible without. For example they helped to built up the scaffold construction or other attractions.

I am sure you can think about the most interesting moment of the entire event. Which one was it?
Probably the happiness of the kids. That was great!

Later on - kids vs. snow.

The kids were adorable :). On the other hand, what was the worst moment?
The delay of the event. At the time we wanted to start, there were only few riders. I would be more than unhappy if just 6 riders were competing at reFRESH jam and the week of preparation is simply good for nothing... Fortunately, it all moved off later. The weather was a huge question mark either, but everything was perfect.

So, are you satisfied with the event?
Completely. I guess it couldn't get any better however there is a lot of things which can be improved. You can look forward for the next year! :)


Tomáš Droppa.

Slack line occupied by the kids. 

Mini sk8 u-ramp.


HOnza Kaňůrek from with this squad 2 metres above the groud.

Just jumping around... 


Faction Skis.


for great support!




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