06 October 2012

I have never expecting I will experience something like this. In the May I was asked by my friends to join them for the trip to Croatia. 

Catamaran Lagoon 400 2012
When we saw the boat for the first time, we were out of words. Everything was new and ready for  sailing! :) It was rent by Sunlife.

The first night we decided to stay in Split Marina and checked the city. It was beggining of the season, so there was not so many people.

Next morning our adventure began. 
The days was similar and also different. We started to sail every morning after we woke up, using engine or wind. That depended on the conditions. 

The view was beautiful all the time. Never-ending sea horizont or beautiful nature such, as small bays with blue-turquoise sea. 

There was one moment where I thought we can have huge problem. We were in the middle of the storm.

Except this day we had nice weather all the time. Not hot enough to get some sunbath, but it waw ok. Chilling, eating, enjoying time... 

Thanks these two people, Renča and Jirka, for awesome trip!

More pictures you can find in picasa album :).


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