07 September 2015
My first FIS competition took place in Slovenia, in ski resort Vogel at March 20th-21th 2015. There were two competitions.

Slovak team in Vogel, only Vajda is missing.
We were traveling from Bratislava with Murgi, the trainer. There was also Natalia Slepecka, Viliam Vajda Tomo, Igor Jancklulik and me. It took us not so long to get to the spot. The accommodation was in the valley, to the skiing area we were taken by the Funifor.

The ski centre lies in Triglav National Park and is more than 50 years old as it was opened in 1964. 

The get to the ski resort you first need to take a cable cabin.
The view of the mountains and the Bohinjsko jezero (Lake Bohinj) is amazing. 

The first European Cup was at Friday March 20th. The weather was perfect. All together we had 3 runs to prove ourselves in snowpark which consisted of rail, bigger and smaller kicker and rail platform.

With my switch in the rail, left 360 safety, right 180 safety, sw in 27 out from a box I got 47,67 points I ended up at 5th place. Unfortunately, the last run I landed badly on the last small stupid kicker and there was something wrong with my knee.

Photo by Natalia Slepecka.

Czech, Polish and Slovak freeskiers.

The second day I didn't feel so much better after the previous crash, so I didn't start. Damn it. Also the windy and cloudy weather made the competition way harder and.

In the end I ended at the 15th place in overall ranking of European Cup. It made me really happy and I hope I can keep going after my small-big injury.

The mountain's panorama was beautiful!


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