06 October 2012

In summer 2012 it was the 5. anniversary  of  the Uprising Reggae festival, the biggest central European festival of reggae music. 

It was the third time I was able to visit this magic event. As every year, it took place at Zlaté piesky, Bratislava (24. - 25.8.2012). Me and my boyfriend Steven were traveling there from Prague by bus. 
We arrived  to the area in the evening. Music was on, people already enjoying the atmosphere. 
As we received tickets, we found my friends and  tents where we were sleeping. Put our stuff there and not hesitating we went to the Main stage, where Max Romeo in that moment was. 

The Uprising is growing every year. Each time the organizers make the event more and more better by sounds, effects, line up, activities which visitors can do. 
This year the Main stage has a few screens with graphics and 2 huge screens with live view. It was awesome.  The lights, screens with graphic and music - all together was cooperating well and made a nice impression on us. Next artist we saw was Lee Scratch Perry. His music had a good vibes. Old guy with untypical clothes and cap with CDs on the sides. That is something you will remember :).

Luckily for us, during entire festival the weather was hot and nice. So in the tent we didn't need a sleeping bag or thick blanket. It made the it all even more comfortable. 

The other day we went to Tesco for some food and than we called Richie. He was wake boarding, so we went there too. We had enough time, the music was about to start after the lunch time. Richie's style on the board was funny, as a small monkey. Other friend of mine, Radko, injured himself so Steven could borrowed his gear and try to ride. It was his firs time and first tries was funny to watch. As all the beginners, he was not able to stand on the board more than 2 meters.  But in the end, when i was already gone, he was able to ride two circles on the lift. Good job!

In the mean time I went to Dancehall stage for dancehall workshop. Unfortunately, me and Bea, who was with me, were too late and saw just the end.  So we were walking through the area again, close to Mungo's stage or Circus arena. We met Steven aging and went to Main stage for Slovak hip-hop interprets Vec and Moja Reč followed by Czech band Prago Union. I enjoyed their concert a lot, because they are one of my favorites. We also tried to go on capoeira workshop, but we saw just some fights in mud. 
Between concerts, we were walking through the shopping area or how can i call it. We visited also the place where POME had their Progress Zone showroom. Walked on slackline, met a lot of friends of mine there.
Another huge names appeared on Main stage and Dancehall stage, such as Delinquent Habits, Anthony B, Cali P or Irie Revoltés. 

Hands in the air, moving to the rhythm of music. We really enjoyed both days and need to say i appreciate how it was organized. For sure one of the greatest festival ever. 

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