07 October 2012
View while we were biking with my mum. The water you see is Liptovská Mara.
View while we were biking with my mum. West Tatras.
I am studying for a year in Prague now. Capital city of Czech republic is approximately 500km away from my home in Slovakia, Závažná Poruba (close to Liptovský Mikuláš). That takes 7-8 hours of traveling by bus or trail and from  16-20 Euros for one-direction ticket. 
Although I would like to visit home as much as possible, I am not able to get home every month. That's is why when I go home, I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Breath fresh air, play with our dog Dora, visit my family, sport in a nature, walk in a forest… it all makes me happy and I am truly thankful my home is so close to mouton in a small village.

Me and my Mum :).
On the way to Svídovské sedlo.
I was home at August 2012 for four days. Luckily for me, the weather was awesome. Blue-bird sky, summer/autumn temperatures, ideal conditions for program I did. I was binding with my dad in Svídovské sedlo, with my mum our favorite path LM-Žiar-through the forest-Bobrovec-LM. I had breakfast with my grandma Evelína and dinner also with grandparents Magduška and Miloš.

Me and my Dad :).
One evening before I was supposed to return to Prague again my brother Richie push me to go hiking during the night so we could see the sunrising from the top of Polana, peak in Low Tatras.

We were gout of 11 people.  Having lights on the heads and small music box to play, everyone with huge bag, we started to hike around 11:30pm. With some short breaks for drinking or catching our breath, we reached the final spot after 2 and half hours.

Picture by Lolo.
The daylight was almost on, but the sun was still hidden. We went sleep, with all clothes we were carrying, it was summer but it was mouton - so cold when u was just laying on the ground! Sudenly I woke up. The sun had started to rise. Slowly, millimeter after millimeter.

Picture by Lolo.
From small part entire 'balloon' keeping moving up, higher and higher on the sky. Magical moment. And little bit later, ordinary day was on. :) Me, Richie and Jakub Vojtek started to hike down around 8am, other guys were chilling there and enjoying the time little bit longer. 

That day in the evening I returned back to Prague.

Picture by Lolo.

More pictures you can find in picasa album :). Enjoy! 


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