30 December 2012

Me with Steven.

Home sweet home! Everybody knows the feelings, when they return home after a long time. I was so happy to be home for a while in December. Especially after couple of months in Prague. Especially because all ski resorts are open and we could ride! I had been there with my brother Richie and my boyfriend Steven.
The snowparks were not huge yet, but good enough for nice riding. 

In Jasna were 4 obstacles. We rode there couple of times. During the last days me and Steven were lucky to rode also in Majovka, little bit off piste. 

Jasná shredding.

Because of new cable cabin, a lot of tourists can reach Chopok (2024m). We were not VYNIMKA J. The best ODMENA was awesome view!

Chopok North (with Kamenná chata).
Powder time... Májovka.

Falling down in a powder. Hehe! The best :)

We also had fun riding ordinary piste. 

We went to Donovaly for one day. The Riders Park is getting prepared, for now there are some basic  obstacles,  around 6 metres long rail (!) but no jumps.  The funny moment was  that some random skiers, standing next to the bar, thought I was from America, because I was talking in english to Steven. Haha!  

Unfortunatelly, I have no other pics from Donovaly because of bad, foggy and rainy weather. 


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