31 January 2013
Pic by Marek Zelina
After the SatisFACTION Ski Camp 2013 in Deštné, I went to Big Air in the city 2013. 
The event in the middle of a small Slovak city Kremnica was organized for the 6th time. Guys are pushing the level higher every year and they were promising huge show this time again.

Via Facebook I was checking upgrades how the kicker was built. Snowing, building, shaping… the final shape was looking incredibly well! Next day I saw a picture of a obstacle for jibbing called elephant. It had lights around and it was totally killing me. I couldn't wait to go there! 

Saturday (26th of January 2013) morning me, Dan Hanka and Murgi (as a freeski judge) had started our journey from Deštné. After some car's problem, which freaked us out a little bit,  we met a policemen. We couldn't wish for better beginning of the day! 
Around lunchtime we had luckily arrived to Kremnica. The car was not even parked when we saw couple of 9's from some riders.

Dan Hanka, by Peter Ferenčík
Štefánikovo square looked even better than we were expecting. Except jump and jib obstacle, there were also a tubing line for kids and podium made up from snow for concerts. No time for hesitating! While we dress up for skiing, guys were shaping the kicker for qualifications. 
The riders were divided into 2 groups. The first, mostly freeskiers, had started to ride since 3pm. The progress compare to the last time was, that except me on skis there were another two girls riding on snowboard - Zuzka Medlová and Diana Augustinová.  

Judges were focusing on overall impression. Despite of ice, some nice tricks were landed.

Chilling with judges
Downtown from the top
After qualification, legendary Slovak rapper VEC had a concert. YEAH! Pic by Marek Zelina

8 riders from freeskiers, 8 riders from snowboarders and 3 girls made it to the Superfinals. Every rider had 4 runs. 
The atmosphere was rising. The square was full of people, there were firework during jumping, music was playing and everybody had fun.  

The results:
1 Dan Hanka

1 Petra Jurečková

1 Matej Matys

1 Zuzka Medlová

The winners were given bags with prices from sponsors and also medal from pure bronze with historical picture of Kremnica.

Later that evening we all met at afterparty. Two slovak bands were playing there (Chiki Liki Tu-A and Medial Banana Riddin Show).

I have to say BIG UP and HUGE THANKS to FRST Crew and all people, who was organizing this event. It was so magical, I am pround I could be part of it. Keep riding and hope to see you next year!!

We didn't miss a champagne!
One picture all together :).

Me and Zuzka Medlová, pic by Marek Zelina
Party in the cinema, pic by Marek Zelina


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