31 January 2013

The best crew we could wish for!

I couldn't wait till 20th - 25th of January 2013, the week of X-Spot SatisFACTION Ski Camp 2013. For me it was the first time I had opportunity to coach freeskiing young people. 
Your Gravity Park, funky place full of creating obstacles is taking place in Deštné v Orlických horách. It gives riders possibility to learn various tricks. During the second day of the camp also 3 kickers was built and park has become small paradise for all of us. 

Every day had included rich program consisted of riding, having food, some extra activity and video coaching. 
We all met at Sunday evening. During welcome ceremony campers were introducing themselves and also were given a bag of presents from sponsors.

Warming up with campers.
Murgi showes how to do slide a rail.

The first day started with skiing on the slope and camper were divided into two groups - beginners and advanced skiers. 
Later that day we went to swimming pool and sauna to chill for a while. Video coaching showed a lot of mistakes, which everybody tried to adjust the second day. 
After riding and good food during the second day we went to gym, where we had a lot of fun by playing soccer. Campers could also practice some tricks on the trampoline. 
The third day was so difficult. The park has bag jump already, where we were practicing some new tricks and jumps ... From 18:00 ... nightshooting was on! It was such great experience. Moreover, one camper, Agi, pushed half of campers to ride the last obstacle, ,,Z''. A lot of energy, huge tricks and fun! Everybody who missed this session can envy us! 
And still - it was not the end of the day. We had visit from Mountain Rescue Service. Guy told us about avalanches, injuries and added some advances what to do if somebody get injured.

Swimming pool included :).
Because of busy program we moved breakfast from 8:30 to 9:00. Everybody could see a lot of progress campers had made. 
The day full of fun ended with a bowling. Before video coaching, we could see a cool barman show, also with a fire.
Video coaching was made outside, so people walking around could see how we are skiing. Dan and Murgi would be really good commentators! 
After that we moved in the hotel and short before party we gave the biggest prices to campers who really deserved it. Agi and small Honza was given a new FACTION skis, Denis had new hoodie and Peťo new ski pools. The rest of the campers also had some presents as a t-shirts or sunglasses. 
… and than… a party. Lucas, our video maker, made history once again. The legendary sentence ,,Lukasi, kde máš kameru?'' ,,30 veřin v corku!'' will stay in our memories for ever as much as entire camp. 

I have to say huge THANKS to Dan and Johny for organizing such a camp, Murgi for awesome coaching and support, Lukin for incredible pictures, Lucas for awesome video and ALL THE CAMPERS for unbelievable energy and atmosphere during entire camp. Hope to see you next year!! 

Less talking, more skiing! :)

Official report here.


In the gym having fun while playing soccer. 
Public videocoaching.
The only partyyyy! :) 


for great support!




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