FAS Session 2013

05 August 2013
Zuzicka and me the first day. (Photo by Zuzi :))
Couple weeks ago I got an invitation for a FAS Session. Czech and Slovak freeskiers should meet at Bigair.cz to jump, have fun and shoot some footage together. Invited riders had an accommodation, food and jumping for free. I was really nicely surprised and started to look forward to these 3 days! 

Nana practising slackline.
Our playground with everything u need.


...with a pedal boat :).
Poster for FAS session.
The session had started at 25th of July 2013. As some other people, me and Ondrej came one day earlier. The weather was really warm. Even we spent way too much time in a traffic jams, we were there still soon enough to jump. I joined Zuzička and others. Having pretty much fun, we tried some 360s and 5s with crazy grabs, such as octo grab.

The weather next day was way worsed and everybody preffered to chill, jump only on the trampoline or try slackline. Unfortunatelly, I had to get to the water anyway, because the day before I lost my ski. Diving is not my cup of coffe, so I was not able to get it by my own. Luckily, Bade helped me – thanks buddy! – and I could jump lil bit more.
As a diner, we had pizza party in a miniramp. Can u imagine more than 20 people eating pizza in a mini? Check the picture!

Photo by Zuzi :).
And the day was still not over. With a darkness, untypicall night session started. Murgi, Vacul and some others people were jumping on ,bajkonur‘ in the light of a halogen spotlights.
Some car even stopped driving and people took a look at the waterramp and those crazy people.

The last day of the session was sunny weather again, nice for jumping.  But a lot of people were ‚dead‘ after partying each evening. Luckily, we could fullfill the energy every day by the food from grill. Chicken, steaks, vegetable or hermelin, yummy! This day we had a diner at the hotel and after that we could play bowling.

HUGE thanks goes to Bernie for all his effort he put in this event. Everything was perfect. Atmosphere, jumping every day, tastefull food, fun, free beer ... I hope it will all happen next year again!

I almost forgot to mention wild card for Krom Wars 2013, which Murgi won.  Hedcoach of Progress Zone, who celebrated his 30s couple days ago, learned during the session his double cork 12. Big respect for that! 

Fresh food every day.



Vojta mouse.

Water warrior Steven.
Daddy jumping, look!
Gossipping :).
Octo by Boris

Vojta's cork 3.
Luxury massages. 
What did u say?? 
Me during 360 with a blunt. 


for great support!




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