22 January 2014
The number of the events with 'a real snow´ is growing every year. It is something special, unique, something u don´t see every day. It is even more odd when random people see such a circus the middle of some city. Some crazy people (riders) who slide the iron (rails) with the skis and make some rotations (tricks) usually attract people´s attention.
Such an event can be aimed as the main attraction of the day (Summer Snow Battle Tábor) or it is part of usually bigger event for instance Apres Ski in Prague.

Hitting the rails.

Apres Ski took place at Rašínovo nábřeží, next to Vltava river at 12th-13th of October 2013. The entire event is considered to be a ´winter fun festival´.
Full of brands connected to the winter, with special program during the day, including already mentioned rail contest, made it interesting for a lot of people, riders and random tourists.

Me :).

As you can see from the pictures, set-up was really nice with three obstacles in the line.  The competition was prepared from freeride.cz, basically divided to sponsored and non-sponsored riders, freeski and snowboard.
I really enjoyed to ride with Zuzička Stromková. We had a lot of fun riding and trying a trick which came to our minds.

Ondrej talking about OXskis. Check OXskis.com!

Mara Wlazel shredding.

My boyfriend Steven. Stylish, huh? :)

Snowboarder on the jump.

Simon while flying.

Prague and Prague castle.

Jumping to the airbag on Vltava river.


Crowdy place.

Seems like summer, but this is in October!

Random shot.

Winners of the contest.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures. More can be found in the album of OXskis, CLICK HERE.

OXskis tent and set-up.


for great support!




Check more on factionskis.com.

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