11 April 2014
Liptov is a region, where you are never bored, even you live there your entire life. If you like to chill more or you prefer life full of adventure and adrenalin, there is always something to experience or explore.
During March, I went home for one weekend, which is really short visit. I just wanted to be at home, and breath the fresh mountain air. And luckily, according to my friend's business, I had opportunity to do a paragliding at Chopok.

Befor the start.
Peter is owner and head director of paragliding school M-fly and also one of the best pilots in Slovakia (maybe in Europe:)). Even you are about to fly with the best, you still feel kind of nervous. The weather was great, lil bit clouds in the sky did not make a problem. So I dressed up in a huge seat, put my helmet on and waited for an other instructions.

Peter taking care about the parachute before start.
Meanwhile Peter prepared his red-and-orange parachute. Click-click, safety first, I was clipped with the parachute. I had my skis on. Suddenly it went really fast. Waiting for a good moment, skis in snow plow ... skis streight ... Peter is running ... parachute is fulfilling by the air aaaaand ... we are flying!! Wohoo! I could chill for a moment, enjoying the beautiful view of Low Tatras with Chopok, Poľana, Ďumbier ...

Flying around with my skis on. On horizon: West Tatras.

The view was stunning. Chopok from the air looks awesome, as well as entire Low Tatras. After couple of minutes nice, calm flying our flight turned into a dangerous game. It is called spiral and you will like it or hate it...  to start from the beginning and make it simple - you fly, fly, you start to rise and rise. And suddenly you start to turn. Faster and faster and in the same time you descend down. WOHOO! Just incredible.
For everybody who likes adrenalin I highly recommend such an experience! :)

Chopok from the air.

I my hands were shaking for about an hour after landing... :)


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