30 July 2015
After contest in Vítkovice at Saturday 14th of March 2015, I traveled to my hometown to attend a freeski contest in Jasná named Slovak Championship in Freestyle Skiing.

My brother Richie, my mum and me :).
It was not a big event as you would expect from event called 'championship'. But it was organised by people who wanted to support this sport in Slovakia and at this time, that counts.
From the beginning till the end it had wonderful atmosphere. Almost everybody knew each other, so it was more like a friends meeting than a real contest. That's what I like about this sport the most.

The start.
21 riders, 18 men and 3 women, had two runs contained of 2 kickers and 2 rails to showcase their quality. After that there were 6 men and again 3 women in the finals.
Anyway, we felt like some pros, because this usually happens only to real pro skiers - in the final there was a scooter helping us to get on the start faster. Wau!
Ended up on the third place, I landed left 3 reverse mute, left 3 tail and slide 27out on the rail. Not the biggest tricks but still happy I landed it :).
I am also so stoked for my younger brother, who was able to win it!

Richie in the air. Photo: Jakub Vojtek

Now I think the pictures with all the smiling faces will tell you the more than any words...


Still the winners.
And the winners again :).

Successful weekend, 1st place in Vítkovice, 3nd place in Jasná.


for great support!




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