26 March 2015
It was huge. Unique. Dangerous, outstanding, attractive, funky ... amazing. The one and only, Excelent Soldiers 2015.

Located in Ski centrum Deštné v Orlických Horách at 5th - 7th of March 2015, this year the specific freeski event hosted around 32 world top riders from 13 countries including UK, ITA, SUI or USA. 

A lot of snow was used to built the kicker which looked like a shelter. The graphic visual shows the sizes. In a real it looked even bigger.

How it looked like from the parking place.
Snow shelter.

It is a pity I missed the show at Friday evening, when there was a competition of the teams. Three riders in the air at the same time with different tricks, that had to be something! 
Anyway, I came at Saturday morning. The program was the training => final jam => results => party.

The training started around 2pm. Speed checks, first tricks, bigger and bigger rotations ... People also kept coming and in the end there were couple of thousands visitors. After training there was an introduction of the riders, when they came up on the landing of the kicker and waved for the crowd.

Unknown rider during training.
Sunset, prepare the landing, jump.
Riders came to say hello.
Since the riders started to jump in the training you could see it is going to be big.
The 16 finalists competed in pairs against each other having two runs. If it was 1:1, they went to jump one more time.

The first run was about the style. Here are some runs I was able to write down. Gagnier with 360 weird grab against Mario's 7 double japan, Mario scored. Dan Hanka scored with lazy 3 before Woodsy's cork 7 double tail.
Another runs were for example Harry Pettit with rodeo 7 with some grab, Ragettli with sw5 screamen seamen. We also saw (I don't remember who jumped it) some sw rodeo 5 truck driver or rodeo 3 japan.

The second run was about the technical trick. Ragettli scored with double misty against Keirnes's double cork 10 safety. Gagnier with double screamin seamen to double japan scored before Mario's double 10. Woodsy scored with double cork 12 tail before Hanka's sw10 with sooo many shifties.

The airtime was huuuuge!
Kids were giving high5 to the riders on their ways up.
We cound see a big show during the third run. Gagnier scored with goddamn stylish sw rodeo 5 before Mario's cork 3 shifty. Tim Ryan scored with sw double rodeo japan before Alex Benz with double cork 10. Woodsy beated Dan and Scot Nelson beated Harry Pettit.

We smoothly moved to the finals. 6 runs of the top 4 riders which were Ragettli, Gagnier, Woodsy and Schuler. Doubles and spin to win rotations were amazing, the crowd was almost not breathing. As the last run before the ,,train'' there was also backflip from Schuler or attempt of triple by Woodsy. Only small piece was missing and he would land it.

The results
1. Andri Ragettli
2. Vincent Gagnier
3. Luca Schuler
4. James Woods

And that was it, followed by afterparty just next to the kicker.

It was huge. Unique. Dangerous, outstanding, attractive, funky ... amazing. Hats down and thumbs up for Hanzi with entire crew who were able to do it this big!

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