07 September 2015
Let's hit the water!

Krom Wars ended up the summer in a big, big style. The event returned on the swimming pool in Hulín (Czech rep.) after one year break.

Bluebird and riders from all around the Europe promised some serious show. As people slowly entered the area around lunch time, the program started with jumping from the tower, trampoline exhibition, slack-line possibility or wakeboard exhibition by guys from

Wakeboard jump and Horác's fan club.

Zabil rock and roll. 

Than the qualification had started. All together 23 riders from 9 European countries (CZE, SVK, SUI, AUT, SLO, GER, SWE, FRA and POL) were divided into 2 heats. From each group the best 6 riders made it over to the finals. There were three judges, Pepé Kalenský (CZE), Richard Skála (CZE) and Bartek Sibiga (POL).

Bartek protecting his papers from judging :).

The first group offered interesting mix of riders and tricks. It was opened by Šimon Šimba Bartík (CZE) with cork 5, than Dan Hanka (CZE) sent there double cork 12, Honza Ferbr (CZE) from Czech junior team did double cork 10. They were followed by Migi Reibenschuh (SUI) and Max Meunier (FRA). Radek Palkoska, also member of Czech junior team, jumped 7 truck driver. Ondra Beneš did as the first trick flat 5 and Thomas Trifonitchev (GER) cork 9 tail. In the first group were introduced also Dennis Ranalter (AT), Szczepan Karpiel (POL) and Ben Winkler (AT).
Doubles and rotations with all different grabs were simply massive.

Slovenian rider Matic Lovko ready to jump.

After first hour and 5 minutes break, where everybody jumped into the water, group no.2 started.
It was opened by Sam Baumgartner (AT) followed by Richie Jurečka with cork 5 screaming seamen. Trainer of Czech Junior Team Michal Peč and Vojta Břeský were there as well. Matic Lovko (SLO) enjoyed his unusual frontflip tail. Group no.2 included Dan Koudelka (CZE), Roman Daly Dalecký (CZE) and another hope of Czech freeskiing, Tomáš Peč, together with winner of Krom Wars 2013 Martin Horák (CZE), Jens Nystrom (SWE) and Christian Jenny (AT). We saw some sw double from Sam Baumgartner, sw cork 5 from Matic lovko or several kangaroo flips.
From time to time judges didn’t hesitate to jump into the water as well, because the temperatures and level of riding were really high.

The riders were drawing the numbers from the hat and according to the number they were put into the table.

This is how the six couples competing against each other in the finals were made. It was from Austria Dennis Ranalter (winner of qualification) and Christian Jenny, Sam Baugartner and Szczepan Karpiel, Tomáš Peč and Thomas Trichonitchev, Migi Reibenschuh (SUI) and Dan Hanka (CZE), Vojta Břeský and Ondra Beneš, Matic lovko and Martin Horák.
The only Slovak and my bro Richie didn’t made it into the finals in a strong competition, but I am sure he prove himself with the tricks he landed.

Richie talking to Szczepan Karpiel.
Richie's flat 9.
Judging was not easy for sure as the ,fighting’ was quite equal. The atmosphere was great, riders didn’t hesitate to support each other. From 12 riders, a lot of kangaroo flips and double corks, 6 riders continued to fight for the win. It was Dennis Ranalter with rodeo 5 shifty and kangaroo before Sam Baumgartner, Tomáš Peč with cork 5 truck driver and kangaroo japan before Dan Hanka, Martin Horák with 9blunt and double cork 12 before Ondra Beneš.
The superfinals were huge! It was about doubles most of the time. As the first trick, everybody jumped kangaroo flip, than double corks and double back flip from Dennis Ranalter. Meanwhile, the father of the event Jirka Volák jumped as well the awesome rightside kangaroo flip and rodeo bow and arrow.
The last runs Horác nailed it with unbelievable 9 double tail. But than something incredible happen as jung Tomáš Peč did triple back flip!! It was the first tripple in CZ. Wuaa!!! It is hard to describe what happened next. Pečák didn’t even climb out of the swimming pool, some people jumped in to give hime hi5 immediately … Incredible :).

We quickly move to the podium where Jirka said his honest ,,Děkuju’’ (Thank you) and we were waiting for the final results.


The judges decided:
1. Martin horák
2. Dennis Ranalter
3. Tomáš Peč

Afterparty was not so far away taking place in city Kroměříž. It was not only about the concert of rappers Vladimír 518 and Mike Trafik, but also the first premier of trailer for the Czech freeski movie eXcelent Separation from Separation Films. The premiers of the movie will be in Czech as well as Slovakia and it is something you don’t want to miss! Stay tuned for more info :).

Jirka :D.

In the end, I would like to say HUGE congratulation to Jirka for this amazing and fresh event. I really hope to meet everyone around this time next year!

Report: Petra Jurečková
Pics: Steven van Bever, Petra Jurečková
Full photogallery HERE.


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