20 July 2013

When I returned back home from Pieniny, next day I went hinking with my dad, brother and uncle. Low and West Tatras offers a lot of possibilities where to go hike, we almost couldn´t decide. We combined it with a bike, when we went from beggining of Žiarska valley to Žiarska chata (1283
metres above sea level), app 5km, by bike and from there hike to Žiarske sedlo (1917 metres above sea level). From there you can decide if u want to go to Baranec, Plačlivo or somewhere else. Guys went to Plačlivo (2124  metres above sea level), but because I was slowlier than they, I went only half of the way there.

Half way to go, still smiling :).
With a storm behind the mountains a rumbling sounded scary. Luckily for us, there was no rain. As always, the view was beautiful. We were again closer to the sky :).
On the way back, we had a good luck and saw small, little animals, typical for Tatras - marmots. They were whistling all the time.
And the day was over. We came home pretty tired, but so happy.

First, get by the bike to point 1 - Žiarska chata. 

Dora want something ... food.
Chilling :).
Just keep walking, we are almost there!

Happy, reached the peak. 
Richie like a boss. As always ;).
Riddle of a day: find the marmots!
The nature, especially the moutains around Liptov, always gives me a lot of energy and happiness... I like to walk in a forest, listent to the wind in the trees, hike on a quite path up. It all brings such a peace into my soul. And also pain in my legs ;). 


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