20 July 2013
As the summer holiday have started, I was pretty happy of course. I was expecting to have more spare time than I had during the shool year. Suprisingly, I feel even more busy :). But lets take it step by step.

Approximately after 4 months in Prague I went home to Slovakia for a week. Finally! I was excited. With my mum we planned a trip to the Slovak National Natural Reserve in Pieniny. It is located in Northern part of Slovakia, on the boarders with Poland. Actually, it was the first International Landscape Park in Europe (founded in 08.17.1932).

Small cottage where we were sleeping. In village Stráňany.
Moment :).
My bro Richie helped to cut the grass. 
Cottage from a fairytale.
Atmosphere ... 
Next to Dunajec river leads the way, which is perfect for biking or simply walking. We were biking day both days and one day taking a raft. Fun, chill, fresh air and great atmosphere... we spent there really nice time :).

Once u r looking into the sun, u make weird face :).
Biking next to the river Dunajec.
Chilling, eating, talking, having a good time... 


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